arbecue argentinian style steak; our Argentine grill-masters are famous for using the Asado technique, being the experts of South American art-of-cooking steak. It is very different to barbecuing, it's far slower and puts more emphasis on slightly smoking the beef than sealing it, so to speak looking after your "Asado". With our metallic horizontal grill, especially designed for it the result will be extra tasty and unforgettable. Whole

we provide you with an offer about our catering service. Staff Service: we provide you with an offer about the required service staff. Equipment: we supply every kind of the equipment required for your event. Location: we recommend appropriate locations.

There is not only "Asado" but also a variety of South American specials and drinks. With artistic events, live concerts, movies, theatre, other presentations or company events, etc. ….ours street food is waiting only for you to enjoy it.