Barbecue argentinian style steak; our Argentine grill-masters are famous for using the Asado technique, being the experts of South American art-of-cooking steak. It is very different to barbecuing, it's far slower and puts more emphasis on slightly smoking the beef than sealing it, so to speak looking after your "Asado". With our metallic horizontal grill, especially designed for it the result will be extra tasty and unforgettable. Whole pieces of fresh "first quality" beef of the worldwide most popular bovine breed Black Angus (Aberdeen Angus) belong to the specialty of the house.
Enjoy Roast beef, hip steak or Rib Eye steak! More than 3 hours the “Asado“ is grilled slowly and patiently using herbal grill coal and real wood. This is an ideal setup for any special event, with a unique experience and will make your guests happy. We do also recommend a gastronomic delicacy coming from Patagonia called „el cordero a la Cruz“ . The lamb is stretched vertically on the metallic cross and is grilled within 5 hours slowly and affectionately. An absolute titbit! However, there are many more surprises that will delight your appetite and offer a gastronomical experience. In addition we do offer „Chorizos“ especially spicy Argentine sausages, black puddings, calf's sweetbreads, chicken, mandioca, maize, different vegetables, tuna, salmon, gambas, sea bass, cheese, fruits....and if you wish we do also prepare Bio or vegan products. Our “Asado“ events do not know bad weather and we are available all 365 days. (Munich and suburbs). The most important thing to make the “Asado” successfully is to allow us using a small place outside, bring a lot of appetite and joy of life with you!!!